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ICC judges ordered to review Gbagbo detainment

An appeals court has ruled that judges for the International Criminal Court presiding over the trial of former president of the Ivory Coast Laurent Gbagbo to review their decision to continue holding him in detention.

Veteran US senator John McCain diagnosed with brain tumour

Veteran United States politician and former presidential candidate John McCain has been diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Matheson takes over Global Resources at Nike

Nike's Monique Matheson will take over at the helm of the company's Global Human Resources, succeeding David Ayre, who retires from the company this year.

Darwin replaced by Jane Austen on new British £10 note

Exisiting £10 notes, which have Charles Darwin on them, will cease to be legal tender in the first half of 2018.

Couple missing for 75 years found in glacier

The bodies of a Swiss couple Marcelin and Francine Dumoulin - who went missing 75 years ago - are believed to have been found in a glacier.

Thousands more displaced as Tanganyika violence worsens

The humanitarian crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is reaching new heights, as access to healthcare becomes increasingly limited in the conflict ridden region.

Egypt stops visa on arrival for Qataris

The current crisis playing out in the Gulf has escalated to Egypt ending its visa-on-arrival-policy for Qatari citizens.

UK shifting its trade focus back to Africa

Lord Price said his visit to Southern Africa would be among the most critical, as that country prepares for its dramatic exit from the European Union.

Election Issue: Kenya in the time of cholera

The cholera pandemic has become a central issue in the Kenyan election campaign, as that country prepares to go to the polls this August.

21 killed, as India dengue outbreak spirals out of control

A crisis is unfolding in India, as the number of people killed by the dengue outbreak in that country has now risen to 21.

'Doctor Who' to regenerate as a woman

BBC television named 'Doctor Who' Peter Capaldi's successor, and they've broken convention by casting a female in the role for the first time.
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