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Logitech MX Master Mouse Review: For Work And Play

The Logitech MX Master Mouse blends the right amount of work features, with the right amount of gaming features, into a powerful, and pretty spectacular mouse. The MX Master Mouse has quite the list of features and could be one of the best gadgets that Logitech has ever made when it comes to versatility. RELATED: Logitech […]

The Greenest Tech Companies According To Greenpeace

Tech companies are hardly ever known for their eco-friendliness. Mostly we see these tech companies as having colossal carbon footprints. However, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and some tech companies are environmentally aware and take measures to minimize their ecological influences. RELATED: 2017 Tech Trends We’re Most Excited About In a report […]

Build Your Own New Land Rover Discovery

South African customers can now go HERE to use the Land Rover configurator to build their ultimate All-New Land Rover Discovery – and order one – ahead of its local launch in July 2017. Along with this, the online brochure is available on the website for buyers to see the Land Rover-approved options and accessories, […]

Nintendo Switch Launches In March With Breath Of The Wild

During a live Nintendo Switch stream today, Nintendo announced the release date for its latest console. The Nintendo Switch will launch on 03 March 2017 alongside the much-anticipated The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The console will retail for $299, making it in direct competition to the PS4 Slim, and Xbox One S. […]

The Best PS4 Pro Games To Make Use Of 4K

You now have a PS4 Pro, or planning on getting one, but what are the best PS4 Pro games? It is a tough one to really nail down as dozens of titles have been patched to support PS4 Pro, but some better than others. Many of them also support HDR, which is High Dynamic Range […]

Mobile Solar Power Plant Charges Gadgets On The Go

You can access 2 million apps on your mobile devices, but what are they good for when the battery runs out? Nada, says entrepreneur Mario Aguilera, who learned the drawbacks of quick-draining batteries the hard way in the late 1990s while serving in the Bolivian army. Often living off the grid for weeks at a […]

Nespresso: Coffee With A Conscience

We love coffee and it doesn’t get any better than Nespresso. The company has established itself as a luxury brand of your favourite beverage, enjoyed in many different and delectable ways. Nespresso stands out even more by being committed to the environment and sustainability, while still providing coffee consumers with a premium product. RELATED: Nespresso And […]

Autonomous Ford Fusion Hybrid Revealed

Autonomous Ford vehicles have been paving the way along with other big vehicle manufacturers for the last few years. But the company just raced to the front of the line with the reveal of its latest autonomous Ford vehicle, the ford Fusion Hybrid. RELATED: High Tech Bakkie: New Ford Ranger Auto The car company took to CES […]

Mediabox Review: The Best Local Streaming Device

If recent months have shown anything, it is that streaming and online content is now king in a household. Consumers want to watch online content, be it Netflix, ShowMax, and DSTV Now. What makes the MediaBox so great, is that its powerful internal chips lets it stream fast, play games, and even perform multi-tasking all at […]

The Magic Behind 4K TV Upscaling

We have already covered 4K TVs in quite the depth in the past. We discussed how the PS4 Pro is not only a 4K gaming console, we put a guide together for when the time comes to buy a 4K TV, and we even discussed 4K TVs for gaming. What about those TV users who want […]
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