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Reasons We’re Excited For The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is set to release in South Africa on 03 March 2017. Everyone’s pretty excited to get their hands on this exciting new modular console from Nintendo. The Nintendo Switch is a portable/console hybrid that makes use of a 6.3-inch touch screen display, as well as a dock that outputs images onto your […]

Pokemon GO Gen 2: Tips And Tricks

Now that Pokemon GO Gen 2 is finally here, we have put together a guide on how to get the most out of the game and its awesome new features. Take a look at some tips below on egg hatching, new evolution items, and how to quickly get new Pokemon without even leaving the house. […]

Top 5 Classic Mobile Games That Paved The Way

Mobile gaming has come a long way. Today, you’re able to play sophisticated mobile games like Pokémon GO and many more on high processing devices like the iPhone 7. With the Nokia 3310 rumoured to be making a comeback, we decided to remember 5 classic mobile games that paved the future of mobile gaming. RELATED: Mobile […]

All The New Pokemon In Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO just got a major update and added 80 new Pokemon. That’s a lot, considering the mobile game started off with 142. Now, Trainers’ Pokedex has 80 more empty spaces to fill up with new Pokemon. RELATED: Tips To Fill Up Your Pokemon GO Pokedex If you’ve already filled up your Pokedex, then get ready […]

Halo War 2 Review: Return of the RTS

In a world where RTS (real time strategy) games are becoming less and less focused on, Halo Wars 2 is a breath of fresh air. Halo Wars 2 suffers from some limited gameplay mechanics, and a few issues here and there, but it still makes for a great RTS game that will keep fans of […]

10 Of The Best Video Game Trailers Ever Created

Video game trailers are one of the most important aspects of a title. The reveal trailer, the epic launch trailer that gives us goosebumps just days before we get to play our most anticipated game of the year. Take a look at our 10 best video game trailers ever created. RELATED: The Best Romance In Gaming […]

Nioh Review: Good Fortune Awaits

Nioh borrows its inspiration from a few games, and while playing it, these inspirations come to light. Dark Souls, and Ninja Gaiden are a clear focal point for Nioh’s gameplay mechanics and intense difficulty. There were times where we loved the game’s magnificent art style, and there were times that we hated the lack of […]

Celebrate The Launch With These For Honor Tips

For Honor launched yesterday. If you are new to the game, or need some help to hit the ground running, then we have some essential For Honor tips that will really help you dominate the first hours of the game. RELATED: Playing Doctor: VR Helps Doctors Understand The Human Body Start Off With Bots At first, […]

Playing Doctor: VR Helps Doctors Understand The Human Body

Ludovic Avot and Yannick Le Berre are big video game fans with Avot’s favorite being “Fallout 4, which guides players through post-apocalyptic Boston”. The game is bleak but immersive, and playing it gave the GE Healthcare designer an idea. What if doctors could use video game technology to step inside the human body – like […]

The Best Romance In Gaming

It is that week some of us love, and some of us hate, but for gamers it is the week we can all look back on, and remember all the romantice we have been through over the past few years. If you are a hopeless romantic, then these games are for you. Here are some […]
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