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Funny And Weird Geek Porn Parodies

When it comes to porn, everyone has a thing and the Internet has been a source of everything any freak and prude alike can find something to tickle their fancy. But some porn is weirder than others and geek porn parodies seem to take the cake when it comes to freaky fetishes. We don’t judge […]

10 Celebrity Real Names That Will Surprise You

Katty Perry – whose real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson – recently revealed during a live-streamed therapy session that she struggles to keep her persona and her real-self separate. So, to keep it real, take a look at some celebrity real names that you might not have known. RELATED: The Famous Faces Behind Iconic Disney Characters […]

The Famous Faces Behind Iconic Disney Characters

Disney characters have a way of becoming their own people. We often forget that there are actors behind the voices of Disney characters that have taken on a life of their own. RELATED:Your Vintage Toys Could Be Worth A Ton Some Disney characters have been voiced by the most famous faces in the industry. Actresses […]

Our Favourite Vans Geek Collaborations

Vans has been making our feet look cool since the 60s and have been doing some great geek collaborations. The Vans geek collaborations bringing fans’ favourite things to their feet. These Vans geek collaborations are usually very detailed, with cute references for die-hard fans as well as noobs. RELATED: 5 Of The Worst Gadgets Of Our […]

4 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Earphones Can Do

Your iPhone earphones are more than just a device for listening to audio. Like most devices, the iPhone earphones has some cool features that users probably neglected to use. Here are 4 things you didn’t know they could do: RELATED: Sad Songs Could Be The Key To A Happy Commute Here are 4 things you didn’t know your […]

Sad Songs Could Be The Key To A Happy Commute

Sad songs, songs that touch on gloomy themes, or feel melancholy like Justin Bieber’s Sorry, The Winner Takes it All by Abba, and Mr Brightside by The Killers, can kick-start your day with a mood boost that is still in effect up to two hours later. RELATED: The Perfect Morning Music Playlist According To Science This is […]

Our Top 5 Favourite Star Wars Women

The world lost a true legend when Carrie Fisher passed away just before the end of last year. Many fans mourned her loss, especially Star Wars fans who regarded her iconic Princess Leia Organa as one of the best Star Wars women to ever grace our screens. RELATED: RIP Carrie Fisher: Our 5 Favourite Princess Leia […]

Ken Has A New Look, Including A Manbun

Ken, Barbie’s companion, has been rocking the same look for far too long. Mattel, the makers of Barbie and Ken have decided to give this beloved toy a much-needed millennial makeover. RELATED: The Evolution Of Barbie https://twitter.com/Barbie/status/877194355647238145 The new and improved Ken comes after Barbie was recently upgraded to include more skin tones, eye colours, hair […]

Who Will Be The Next James Bond?

Daniel Craig is apparently done with 007 after making four of the most successful movies in the James Bond franchise. If these rumours are true, then someone is going to have to replace Daniel Craig as the next James Bond. With icons like Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton, and Roger Moore having portrayed the role, the […]

How Different Disney Movies Are Connected

You may remember a while back that we posted about how Pixar/Disney movies are connected. We were shown how many little and big easter eggs lurk in exciting places in Pixar/Disney movies. RELATED: Disney Reveals How The Pixar Movies Are Connected Now we can see how the classics are connected. Disney movies have always given fans […]
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